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    Now Available: The Ninja!

    Become a master of espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and all other covert operations! Don the Ninja and join the ranks of this ancient and iconic class of spies. This breathable hoodie sports a single layer shell made of sweatshirt fleece and side panels that are made of stretch knit, allowing for a comfortable fit for any body type.  Hidden magnets line the hood’s partial mask and torso closure, enabling the swift cloaking expected of any ninja-inspired attire and hold together tightly even in situations involving rigorous movement.

    It is ideal for breezy summer nights, fresh spring days, and as an under-layer during cooler months.

    For more information on features, and to pre-order your Ninja today check out the product page:


    Ninja Mask

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    Teaser #2: The Ninja in Black Garnet and Eclipse color schemes.

    We showed off the first images of the Eclipse color scheme earlier this week, and now we have more, as well as the second color scheme the Ninja will be available in in it’s first run.

    A few questions were raised when we posted the first images, and we’d like to answer them as best as possible:

    - The fabric blend will not be so much of a blend as 100% cotton. The prototypes are made from a variety of fabrics, and not the fabric they’ll be produced with [since that will be a custom knit]

    - All of the fabric will be pre-washed and shrunk, which means that like the Jackdaw, the Ninja will be completely machine washable.

    - And on sizing: the Ninja will be available for people of all genders, in our usual sizing.

    On Monday we’ll have the next one ready to show you, look forward to it; it’s a completely new color scheme that we think you’ll really love.

    That’s it for today, have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the premier of Korra: Book 3!


    Volante Design Crew

    PS: The Black Garnet shown has grey thread, but the final version will have red thread, as per the standard Black Garnet color scheme.

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    Teaser #1: The Ninja.

    We are extremely excited to start showing off the Ninja. This is the product of several months of design and prototyping, and we think it shows. The original design used toggles for the main closure, but we’ve since decided to go with magnets for both the main and mask closure points. Since the side panels are made from a stretchy knit, the hoodie is form fitting, but not restrictive, and the magnets have no problem holding. We’ll be posting more information, images, and videos over the next week and a half until it releases for pre-order on July 2nd.

    So, what do you think, does it live up to your expectations?

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    The Eagle Run 1 is on clearance!

    We are making room for new things, so we’re dropping the Run 1 Eagle price from $345 to $295; this is the lowest price it’s ever been!

    What’s the difference between the Run 1 and later runs?

    • Run 1 Eagles have a grey waistband 
    • They’re very true to size, so basically the numbers on the sizing chart are the dimensions of the coat. You may want to add a few inches for comfort to fit into these coats.
    • They have a sturdy, matching hood lining that holds its shape well. 

    Get yours today!


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    The Harrier: Orleans Bleu color scheme.

    Here’s the first view of the women’s cut for the Harrier and the Pinion. This color scheme is somewhat less flashy than the others, but I think it works really well. 

    We’ve also never shown off the asymmetrical cuff design before, despite it having been there all along. It allows for a nice long sleeve, without getting in the way.


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    The Harrier: Trickster color scheme

    This has been a long time coming, but we are really excited to finally be able to post photos of this color scheme for the Harrier. This one is made from the same all-cotton ripstop material as the Obsidian color scheme, and has emerald green internal accents and gold thread.


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    Now Available: The Harrier!

    The harrier is available for pre-order. Have you been wondering what you can wear to break bread with the leading members of the Revolution? Do you need to pass among the well groomed members of the aristocracy? The Harrier sports a swallow-tail cut away, ideal for looking elegant on horseback or climbing into a baroque carriage. We think it looks pretty cool on the subway or climbing into your sedan as well.

    This jacket is short in the front, and slopes towards the back, allowing for comfort and grace as you walk, climb etc. It echoes the military and formal morning coats of the turn of the century. If you’re feeling revolutionary or perhaps prefer a more steam-powered version of history, we hope you’ll like this design!

    Get your Harrier here: volantedesign.us

    Join the discussion on Facebook!

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    Now Available: The Pinion!

    This cowl is rainproof and all-weather. It fits onto the Harrier, the Eagle or over another jacket of your choice.  Made with waxed canvas, the Pinion is easy to move in and is strong like leather. It is fitting for wear in at a renaissance fair, as a costume piece, or just walking your dog in the rain.

    It can be purchased bundled with the Eagle or the Harrier with a slight discount, or separately for use with any jacket you already own, whether it’s a Volante jacket or otherwise.

    Check it out right here: volantedesign.us

    Let us know what you think on Facebook!

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    Teaser: The Harrier

    We’ve been spending a lot of time this week working on a new design, the Harrier.
    Here are some sneak peaks of the Obsidian color scheme. I’ve been wearing mine for a few days and I have to say, it’s great. The sleeve design is completely new, and designed to allow for a much greater range of motion than any of our previous designs and the cut-away tails are really practical for walking around, getting to my pockets, etc.

    Oh, we hope to launch pre-orders pretty soon so stay tuned!

    We have a few ideas for new color schemes, but we’d love to hear your thoughts. What colors would you like to see this jacket in?

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    Teaser 2: The Pinion

    This time showcased with the Harrier prototype, which we’ll be posting more about tomorrow. As you can see, the Pinion has a button hole hidden and protected by a top layer of material. With this buttonhole it can be attached to the Harrier and the Eagle easily, and any of our other jackets just by adding a couple of buttons to your jacket. 

    This is the second prototype of the Pinion [the first was shown off last week in the first teaser]. This version is just slightly longer, and minor adjustments have been made. It’s built naturally wider than our jackets, so it is comfortable to wear over any of our jackets. We’ve just got a few minor tweaks in mind and it will be ready for production.

    If all goes well we should be able to have a soft launch [meaning with limited photos] of both the Pinion and the Harrier by the end of the week. Look forward to it.

    Just a reminder, our Birthday Sale is ending at the end of the day tomorrow! 

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    Conveniently, this Benefactor shared similar measurements to my own, so we were able to take some pictures before sending it out. Inspired by the player character in Gods Eater Burst 2 [3rd from the left] with a heavy emphasis on making it a more practical blazer-type jacket. 

    This one held a lot of new concepts within it, like the straps around the side. They are purely cosmetic, but give the jacket a nice feel in my opinion. It was also my first time working with surgeon cuffs and a jacket vent [at least since founding the company] and I was very pleased with the end result.

    The customer is happy, that’s good enough for me. Would you like to see a blazer added to our collection?

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